The Vinyl Revival

20th April 2018

I am sure many of you who are reading this like myself have boxes of old vinyl records hidden in the attic or garage but what you may not beware of you could be sitting on a fortune.

The vinyl revival which has been making its presence felt on music shops, and specialist shops is now making a comeback at auction. At a recent sale in Thomson Roddick’s Carlisle auction centre those old vinyl records which were once seen as obsolete are making a strong and possibly unexpected comeback as CDs and digital sales of music have begun to decline.. Around about ten years ago no one wanted vinyl but we are now seeing a 250 to 300 percent rise in demand for certain records.

I must stress that not all vinyl records are collectible. You can have three records that all look the same but a very small subtle difference can project a record from being worthless to many hundreds and even thousands.

Our recent auction featured a copy of the very first Beatles album Please Please Me dating from 1963, the year of its release which fetched £1200 despite having an audible scratch on the second track Misery. A demo of the Ray Pollard song The Drifter popular through the Northern Soul phenomena realised £460.

So if you have some dusty old vinyls pop into our either or Carlisle and Dumfries saleroom or details to and you might rock your way to a small fortune.