The Tale of the Mouse

14th April 2015

I am always excited when I see a little, carved, wooden mouse on a piece of furniture or on a carved object. This little, carved mouse with a tail tells a fascinating story. It means the item was made by the cabinetmakers Robert “Mouseman” Thompson of Kilburn in Yorkshire, who specialise in oak furniture and collectibles.

The story goes that the father and son were working on a cornice for a screen in a church and whilst talking they said something about them being “as poor as church mice” so Robert Thompson carved a mouse on the screen and the mouse was adopted as their trademark. The logo was registered in London on 25th September 1931. Every piece is now marked with a mouse, which tends to have a lowered head and no front legs, as these tend to be damaged when the item is polished.

The workshop is still operating today producing high quality, hand-made items and it is a fascinating place to visit.

In our sale in Dumfries on 14th March 2015 we had a fine Mouseman dining table, a sideboard and a corner cupboard, which realised £1700, £2300 and £2100 respectively.