Paintings (including South West Scotland Artists)

Thomson Roddick hold dedicated monthly Antique and Fine Art Sales in either Edinburgh, Carlisle or Dumfries. The Paintings and Picture sale features as a section within these sales.

Thomson Roddick illustrate all specialist sales on the internet on our own website as well as dedicated specialist websites such as also in magazines including the Antiques Trade Gazette.

Recent highlights include Joan Eardley which realise £2,050 and a Jan Wyck sold for £13,000, Tom Scott A View of Yarrow fetched £1,500, Ken Howard “The Artists Studio made £5,800, Circle of Giovanni Baptisti realised £43,000 and a Archibald Thoreburn of a green sand piper made £3,100

Our specialists Sybelle Thomson can be contacted on 01387 721635 or vis email or John D Thomson FIA (Scot) on 01228 528939

South West of Scotland Artists

Based at the Dumfries Auction Centre in the South West of Scotland, Thomson Roddick have developed a specialist department to promote the sale of paintings by artists connected to South West of Scotland. Dumfries and Galloway boasts a rich artistic history.

The region’s unique landscape and light has proved a magnet for artists for over two hundred years. Kirkcudbright was and still is a draw for artists and many of the “Glasgow Boys and Girls” have visited the area for inspiration.

Thomson Roddick has established itself as the leading auction house for selling the work of both 19th century and contemporary South West of Scotland artists in our quarterly antique and fine art sales.

Recent highlights have included works by many well-known artists.

Charles Oppenheimer (1875-1961)
Exhibited at Royal Academy and Royal Scottish Academy. As well as producing paintings, he designed posters for British Rail, and was a founder member of the Dumfries and Galloway Fine Art Society.

William Mouncey (1863-1901)
Born in Kirkcudbright, he was helped and advised by E A Hornel.

Christian Jane (Chris) Fergusson (1876-1957)
Born in Dumfries and worked closely with many of the Kirkcudbright artists.

E A Hornel (1864-1933)
Although born in Australia, he spent his formative years in Kirkcudbright. He was one of the leading Glasgow Boys but despite fame and fortune, he settled at Broughton House in Kirkcudbright.

William Miles Johnston (1861-1974)
William Miles Johnston was a close friend of Jessie M. King. In 1940, he moved to Kirkcudbright and opened “The Crafts” in Castle Street from where he sold his paintings and ceramics etc.

Jessie M. King (1875-1949)
Jessie M. King lived in Kirkcudbright, producing book illustrations as well as decorating ceramics.

Donald Watson (1918-2005)
He lived at St John’s Town of Dalry, specialising in painting birds in their natural environment. He illustrated over thirty books.

James Paterson (1854 – 1932)
He moved to Moniaive in 1884 and exhibited at the Royal Scottish Society of Painters. He was a talented colourist and founder member of “The Glasgow Boys”.

Thomson Roddick has recently held the studio sale of works by Cyril Wilson (1911-2001).

Based in Dumfries since 1940, he exhibited at the Royal Scottish Academy and the Society of Scottish Artists. Thomson Roddick has sold work by these artists and many more South West artists including James Faed Snr. and Jnr., George Wright of Annan, David Gauld, Anna and Isabel Hotchkis, Jim Sturgeon, Archie Sutter Watt, etc

The specialist is Sybelle M F Thomson, who can be contacted on 01387 721 635 or at

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