Ethnic, Tribal & Eastern Arts

Thomson Roddick hold dedicated Antiques & Works of Art auctions monthly across the Edinburgh, Dumfries and Carlisle salerooms. The Ethnic, Tribal & Eastern Arts sale features as a section within these specialist auctions.

To complement our tens of thousands strong client database, these sales are illustrated and held live on the internet, feature on dedicated specialist websites such as and are also advertised in publications including the Antiques Trade Gazette which allows us to reach the worldwide market place and achieve the best prices possible.

Previous sale highlights can be found in the slideshows on this page, alternatively past auctions catalogues with results can be viewed below or see our sales results page for a full listing.

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Expect:     Mask   Axe   Club   Ula   Ashanti   Dogon   Maasai   Zulu   Songye   Baka   Punu   Fang   Gabon   Chamba   Luba   Baule   Benin   Neck Rest   Drum   Textiles   Woomera   Gourds   Combs   Shields   Weapons   Vessels   Artefacts  and a whole lot more.....

Our specialist is Jocelyne La Manna who is always happy to conduct free no obligation valuations whether that be in person, via email or, for larger collections, in the comfort of your own home. Contact Jocelyne on 0131 440 2448 or email

Alternatively, you can contact us at the Auction Centres below.