January 10th 2019, 10:00am

Records, LP's & Music Valuation Event - Dumfries

Consultant music specialist Jeff will be in attendance in our Dumfries auction rooms to provide free no obligation auction estimatations on all matters music

It wasn’t that long ago that Old records were a thing of the past and nobody wanted them or they were confined to the attic, however we have now seen resurgence of people forgetting the new faultless digital media for the record player and the albums which played their favourite bands with all original rawness and fuzz and crackles that an old record gives.

Vintage and collectable record shops are springing up on the high street with buyers fingering through the stacks of records looking for their favourite album, obviously they are available on the internet and now Specialist auctioneers like ourselves are realising that this is another service we can deliver.

Due to the massive success of our 2 previous specialist vintage vinyl, memorabilia and musical instrument sales we have arranged for our record specialist to come up from south Yorkshire where he’s based and give free auction valuations with the option should they wish to sell them in our specialist sale on the 13th Feb.

People will have boxes full and we want them and in advance if possible so that we can have them here waiting for him and we can also arrange collection of big consignments.

A record previously sold that attracted a lot of attention round the world was a.. The Beatles ‘Please Please Me’ now this looks like a standard Beatles album but as well as being in Stereo this is a first pressing of the album is identical to the second, apart from one difference – it has a publishing credit for Dick James Music Company as opposed to Northern Songs which makes this even in a bad condition sold for £1200

Not just rock and pop records do well the following have a good following

What we DO want and if in doubt send it.

Iconic bands and singers like,

Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Bowie, sex pistols, Queen, Van Morrison, Led Zeppelin,

Genre to include


Punk Rock


Northern Soul

Heavy Metal

Look out for records with white only labels, sample stickers, a big red ‘A’ in the middle and those marked Demos

BRITISH Folk Music from the 60’s & 70’s

BRITISH Classical albums from the late 50’s and 60’s especially those marked  STEREO

Look out on the back top right there will be the prefix code which will look like,

  • Decca – SXL
  • Columbia- SAX
  • HMV- SAX


Some to look out for according to NME  (in mint condition, pics attached… please note none of these are in the sale.) are

The Rolling Stones, 'Promotional Album' LP, 1969. Just 200 copies of this were pressed, 100 each for the UK and the US, and sent to radio stations. Value: £2000

Dark, 'Dark Round The Edges' LP, 1972, a private pressing by the Northampton prog band. Twelve copies exist with colour gatefold sleeve and booklet.


The best ones can be the those that you have never heard of for example: The Bread And Beer Band LP, 1969. This was a session-band set recorded by Elton John back when he was still called Reg Dwight. It’s a vaguely funky album which Decca declined to release, and which the band put out on their own label in a handmade sleeve. Value: £2000. 

Queen, 'Bohemian Rhapsody/I'm In Love With My Car', 7 Inch Single, 1978. This EMI in-house special edition of the single doubled as an invite to a company event, and so came with goodies including matches, pen, ticket, menu, outer card sleeve, scarf and EMI goblets in card box. Value: £5000.

The Quarrymen, 'That'll Be The Day/In Spite Of All The Danger'. Yep, the same record as Number 2, but this is the 1958 original. It's the only known copy of the pre-Beatles disc recorded at a local electrical shop by McCartney, Lennon and Harrison with drummer Colin Hanton and pianist John Duff Lowe. It's worth an estimated £100,000.



Absolute must haves are the 1960’s psychedelic records, there are loads that were one hit wonders, they would release a song then have to get a job and that was the end of their music career these are worth thousands and the art work may just be basic like..  Billy Nicholls, ‘Would You Believe’ LP, 1968. Andrew Loog Oldham’s beautiful answer to ‘Pet Sounds’, featuring backup from The Small Faces. The collapse of label Immediate means only a handful of copies reached the shops. Value: £3000


The records we DON’T want are:

  • Greatest hits
  • Best of
  • Compilations
  • Some unknown singer singing the hits of
  • Easy listening like Shirley Bassey, James Last, Jim Reaves, Gracie Fields, Carpenters….. 

If in doubt best just to call or call in.

The sale will also consist of musical instruments which always do well I have included pics with titles saying what they are and prices they achieved, I can give more info that you need

Instruments sold in the last sale included pics attached

Lot 362 Paul Reed Smith custom 22, 12 string guitar in amber quilt, serial no. 599076 and a fitted hard case. Sold £950

Lot 372 19th century Lachenal & Co. 33 key peerless concertina. Serial number 111034. Rosewood end plates on hexagonal body in mahogany case. Sold £900

Lot 400 Early 20th Century violin, labelled for Richard Peat, Alfreton, 2 pieceback (36cm) with unmarked bow in wood carry case. Sold £400


We also want memorabilia

One good lot with a low estimate that did well was

Lot 322 Autographs inc a small album including Billy Fury, Adam Faith, Joe Brown, members of Tornados group, Jimmy Murphy (Manchester United) and notes made of car number plate numbers.  Also a 'David Jacobs' 'Pick of the Stars' book with autographs to the front and back which include Mersey Beats, Jetblacks, The Kestrels. The Shadows, Helen Shapiro, Danny Williams, Cliff Richard, Danny Williams,  Emile Ford, There is also George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Ringo Star.

*There is no provenance with these autographs, these appear to be from the early 60's and belonged to a person who was actively seeking autographs at that time. The first part of Ringo Star is overwritten which appears to be the result of a pen running out.

Sold for £800

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