23rd January 2017

Is your clock working? If it is, then the chances are it is worth a fair sum at auction. What is more, there has never been such a buoyant market for pieces such as this travel clock.

So why the interest? Well, let's look at this analytically. The first point to make that is is stylish and clearly reflects the late Art Deco style of the 1940's. It is a beautiful yellow and the enamel is also in good condition. Then of course is the bonus that unlike many similar clocks, it is on hallmarked silver. If you were of discerning taste in the 1940's then this was simply a wonderful clock to own.

Add to these reasons the wider market demands at present. It is highly decorative, which is more important to collectors today than its age or academic interest. Antiques are increasingly purchased simply as decorative objects rather than an antique, art historical object or an investment vehicle. The world of Interior design has more influence now that it ever has, perhaps because of the Internet and people are just far more knowledgable and engaged in interior design fashions, than they were thirty years ago.

Lastly, and not least important, it is small. To be precise, it is easily and cheaply shipped overseas. The advent of Internet live bidding, is that collectors from across the globe can bid live for this clock. The market is just that much bigger now than it was pre-Internet.

So this clock, will be sold at our Edinburgh salerooms on 25th February and it should achieve a hammer price in excess of £200. We hope you enjoy the auction!