Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

17th March 2016

Most of us know someone who loves diamonds, be it a ring or a pair of diamond-set cufflinks.  We are all attracted to the sparkle and romance connected with diamonds.

The great film stars of the past such as Sophie Loren or Elizabeth Taylor all loved to show off their diamond-set jewellery.  Diamonds have long been associated with love and romance and many engagement rings today are set with diamonds.

Diamonds are a miracle in time, place and chance and each one is unique. No two stones are alike rather like snowflakes.  The stones are graded by using the four Cs:  colour, clarity, cut and weight.

When most of us think about buying diamond-set jewellery we head for our local jeweller on the high street but another option is to head for your local auctioneer, who will sell antique and modern diamonds.  By buying at auction you can make substantial savings and find your money goes much further. One couple recently purchased their ring for £3,800 and subsequently found a similar ring in a jeweller’s shop would have cost over £15,000.