Liquid Gold

3rd January 2017

Had you purchased a gold sovereign ten years ago, you would have likely paid in the region of £60 for it, nowadays that figure would be more than three times that. A sound investment indeed, however, there is a new gold on the block, bought by the bottle, consumed by the masses, aqua vitae, the water of life, Scotland's national drink, Whisky!

The 1980's saw more than twenty distillery closures across Scotland as demand for the spirit (generally blended at this time) fell considerably. With the rise of the internet, little did we realise that a new style of consumer looking for a diversity of tastes and flavours would seek out the different single malts that whisky's spiritual home had to offer.  It would seem more popular to collect and display these bottles of amber nectar as ornaments rather than fulfilling their intended use as a consumable.

A bottle of Macallan Private Eye would cost around £200-£250 at auction a decade ago but that figure is likely to surpass the £1,000 mark in the current market. Bowmore Black would typically realise £1,000 ten years ago but now it has been known to realise £5,000 but prices are climbing.

If you were shrewd enough or lucky enough to have bought a bottle or collection of whisky some time ago then the likelihood is that you may well be sitting on a small fortune.  To turn your collection into liquid capital, Thomson Roddick Scottish Auctions’ next sale of Whisky on 16th March in our Edinburgh saleroom might be the very sale to do that.  Contact Gavin Tavendale from our whisky department at for further information.